Quick top tips for video creation (for social)

A few top tips for video creation – and please remember, this is just from my experience, working in a team with no budget and no videographer…

  • Equipment – what do you need? Genuinely, all we use is an iPhone, a tripod and (sometimes) a lapel mic.
  • Hold your phone horizontally.
  • A FEW things to check in your shot: Focus, Exposure, White Balance.
  • Check for ambient noise. This is particularly important if you don’t have lapel mics.
  • Choose a shot, and stick with it. You can edit in some cutaways later.
  • Get up close.
  • Good sound is more important than a good picture
  • Leave the camera running.
  • Make sure you get your subject to answer in full sentences, so you don’t need to include either your spoken, or any written questions in the final edit.
  • Keep it short – and don’t be afraid to stop your subject if they’re rambling.
  • Always remember to remove staff passes, and anything that might very quickly date your video.
  • Follow the ‘rule of thirds’ for framing your shot: so if you divide your screen / shot horizontally into three, your subject’s eyes should be along the top third axis – otherwise they’ll look really short.
  • Use an endslide, where you can include your campaign creative / logo and a CTA, as well as any hashtags or web addresses.
  • Always subtitle – most people won’t have the sound on if they’re watching on their phones.
  • And finally – for us, we find what works really well is having the subject look not directly at camera, but at us, just off camera, so they’re looking across the frame.

Hope this is helpful – now go out there and get filming!

Nicky Jackson, Senior Campaigns Manager, GCS Local Campaigns Team at Cabinet Office

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