Twitter content – making the most of your posts

In an ever more connected world where the pace of digital change is constantly increasing it is vital organisations take stock regularly of their digital communications and content. The NIO runs a twitter account and publishes content on We use it to let our audiences know what the UK government in Northern Ireland is doing and to react to breaking news. You don’t have to be an expert graphic designer or use a paid-for service to create quality social media content. We look at our twitter statistics regularly to [...]

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EAST – a behaviour change framework for public sector communicators

Nearly all of our campaign and communication activities will have an aspect of behaviour change as their outcome. By applying behaviourial theory, we can design more effective communications to influence how people act for the public good. There are many socially beneficial behaviours that we seek to promote, including changes that help individuals from day-to-day (e.g. healthy eating), saving lives (e.g. road safety) or helping the effective running of government (e.g. tax self-assessment). Using communications to encourage changes in behaviour can also help save money, such as through better compliance [...]

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